IT Project- & Interim Management

Integer, ambitieus, vakkundig en ter zake!

Referenties TolTrack

Klanten en externe relaties zeggen het volgende over de samenwerking met en de inzet van TolTrack:

"Hans successfully managed in his role as Stream Lead the definition and implementation phase of our new IT Demand Management Process (based on ServiceNOW tooling) as part of a global IT Transformation Program. In this role he brought in a high degree of IT Service Management Expertise based on ITILv4 as well as Project Management Capabilities. This particular knowledge and his experiences from previous cases have been perceived as critical success factors in order to achieve the challenging project targets. Furthermore the global setup of the project team (China – Europe – U.S.) required a maximum of flexibility and intercultural knowledge. He managed this situation in an excellent and very professional way. I perceived Hans as a very self-guided and independent working professional who always has been a valued and respected member of the team."

Falk Richter - IT Global Service Delivery Assurance Lead at Nokia

"Hans is a very experienced process consultant and project manager. In our project for ATOS/Nokia he was very successful in his role as process lead for demand management process. Hans works independent, takes care of the things in his responsibility and got excellent feedback from our customer. Great to work with him, hope we can work together again."

Bart van Muyen - Account Manager Service Management solutions at Logicalis SMC

"I have been enjoying to work with Hans during 6 months with the End to End Nokia Transformation Project.
This project was definitively at stake for AtoS and Nokia to build a strong E2E Service Management shared with Nokia Ecosystem based upon 3 different layers. The main complexity was not specifically technical but organizational one.
I used to be Program Manager of this project managed in crisis mode after several delivery failures, and Hans reported to me as Demand Process Project Manager. The day he appeared changed definitively the way the topic was handled.
He took full ownership of Demand process, aligning all different stakeholders in a very complex reluctant, stressful environment and short timeframe, always in proactive mode, result oriented and last but not least with an unconditional good mood with all. He is definitively part of the success story as we went live with last release on November the 10th .
I wish you the pleasure to work with him. Feel free to contact me."

Françoise Verger - ATOS

"Hans heeft op een prettige wijze leidinggegeven aan de collega's van de service desk van de provincie Zuid Holland. Hij heeft verbeteringen in de dienstverlening van de servicedesk kunnen realiseren door zijn kennis van ITIL processen."

Krijn Kalma - Teammanager at Provincie Zuid-Holland

“Hans heeft ad interim mijn functie overgenomen als manager van de servicedesk en een 3-tal ITIL processen. Hij heeft zich in korte tijd ingewerkt en daarbij het team voor zich weten te winnen. Hans is op elk niveau een goede gesprekspartner die zich niet gauw gek laat maken en de juiste balans weet te vinden tussen ontspannen samenwerken en serieus 'knallen'. Dat maakt hem zeer prettige collega om mee samen te werken.”

Harald de Ceuninck van Capelle - Bureauhoofd at Provincie Zuid Holland

“Hans knows how to get things moving in a project, he knows how to motivate people and is good at cutting through the bs. He easily grasps the essence of complex issues, understands organisations and delegate the right tasks to the right people to solve the issues. He can be direct and hard in his approach, but always open for the right arguments. He can just as easily give a compliment. His original kind of humor makes the environment he works in lively. I really hope to work with Hans again sometime in the future.”

Kasper Lingbeek - Informatie analist at ING

“Well educated, good knowledge and pragmatic approach and good sense of humor makes Hans great to work with”

Bob Kluft - Solution Manager at Getronics-PinkRoccade

“Hans has the up to date knowledge avaible for our organisation. Als well in depth CMMi knowledge, Goldratt, project management and also outsourcing (graduated on this subject at the university). As a project manager you achieve your results and know how to motivate people. Good luck and hopefully I see you back soon.”

Peter van den Hoven - ICT manager at ING

“During the time I worked with Hans at bMS I have got to know him as a warm colleague, who knows how to manage a project. His strength is that he has the ability to make a close connection to his customers, which in the end is benefitial for both customer and supplier. Furthermore he has a great sense of humour!”

Paul Kampman - Manager Operations and Projects at becom Managed Services